New Feature: recent usage inidicators

by Pedal Wrencher

Posted: 2016-05-14 at 20:33

So you've gotten set up with Pedal Wrencher and you have your stable of bikes set up with all of the maintenance intervals you want to keep. It's a Sunday afternoon, you have some free time, and you're looking to tune things up. You log onto Pedal Wrencher and check your profile and find that nothing is due for service quite yet. What to do? Nothing?

Now you be a little bit more proactive by looking at our new recent usage indicators by each bike name in your profile.

Pedal Wrencher Recent Usage Indicators

Here we see that our cross bike has been ridden about 38 miles in the past month, not too much. Looking at the various alerts we have configured for that bike:

Pedal Wrencher Bike View

We can see that 3 of the 4 alerts are probably going to come up in the next month. If you're feeling pro-active you can get a jump on things, work on them today, and click "mark fixed" to reset the clock. If you don't have the parts or tools to do that maintenance on hand, it may be a good time to order them because you're going to need them in the next month or so.

So there you have it, a small little indicator, but one that can help you stay on top of your bike maintenance a little better.

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