Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, to sign up for Pedal Wrencher you need to register. It takes about 2 clicks and almost no effort, and will require an active Strava account (that's where we get the data). Once you've logged in with Strava, you will have some basic starter alerts made for each of the bikes in your Strava account. Any of these can be changed or removed, and you can always make new notifications for anything you want.
Pedal Wrencher uses Strava as a data source, so if you add a bike in Strava, it will show up in Pedal Wrencher automatically within a few hours.
Pedal Wrencher syncs a ride from Strava in around an hour or two, depending on how much our users are riding at that time.
Pedal Wrencher works with any bike that you have in your Strava account, even tandems, recumbents or anything else with at least one wheel.
Pedal Wrencher is totally free to users. At this stage, we don't make any money, and that's totally OK. In the future we may experiment with unobtrusive ads in select locations.
Pedal Wrencher supports both email and sms notifications, which ever you prefer. You can switch between the two at any time on your profile.
At the bottom of the profile page there is a button to unsubscribe, this can be done at any time.
If you need to manually add mileage to a bike, just log into your profile and add the appropriate distance to each of the miles-since-repair text boxes, then click update.
The easiest way to keep track of us is via Twitter. Tweet at us any time with questions, bug reports, or just to let us know you are using the product.
Yes, private rides will be taken into account in your totals.