Pedal Wrencher
Get emailed or texted when your bike parts are worn out. For free.

How it works

We track your riding on Strava, and text message or email you when it's time to replace consumables like chains, cables or brake pads. Totally customizable notifications, so if you want an email every 5000 miles reminding you to service a shock, you got it. As you mark issues fixed, you build a comprehensive maintenance history of the bike that you can use to plan out service or when you're selling the bike.



All we keep is ride meta-data, no GPS data. We don't ever see your Strava password, and we will never sell the data we do keep.



Just sign up once and let us know about how old your parts are to start with. Then everything just works. Let us know when you've replaced a part by adding a note into your next ride description on Strava or logging into Pedal Wrencher and marking it fixed.



Stay on top of your bike maintenance. Replace parts when they need to be replaced. Have fewer breakdowns, win more races. Don't be the one with the creaky, squeaky bike on the group ride.



Pedal Wrencher is, and always will be free to use.

Quick Start

1) Sign Up

To get signed up, just click below, it's a quick process. You will be prompted to log into Strava, which will give us access to an API token for their service. This allows us to ask them how much you rode each bike every day and keep track of usage.

2) Go Ride

Once you've signed up, we will begin to track your mileage daily, and once you reach the recommended maintenance interval, you will get a text message from us.

3) Get Notified

With Pedal Wrencher, you can track any part on any bike that you want, and when you sign up you'll have a few common rules pre-configured to get you started: chains, cables, bar tape and brake pads. When it's time to replace one of those things on any of your bikes, you will simply get a text message (like the one over there to the right) or an email letting you know.

If you want to add a custom notification (like shock service for a mountain bike), it's just a quick configuration away.

4) Give Feedback

Whenever you actually replace any of those parts, let our service know by simply logging into your Pedal Wrencher profile and marking the notification as fixed (as you can see in the screencap below).

strava pedal wrencher bicycle maintenance

Any or all of these defaults can be disabled if you'd like, and once you have a free account you can create any new notification you'd like. So if you want a notification every 8000km to service your mountain bike suspension, you can set that up easily.

At this stage, we use simple industry rules of thumb for how long a given part will last. Of course different use cases and different models perform differently. Because of this, we've made all service intervals configurable for each bike independently. So you can set your mountain bike to be serviced more often than your track bike.

Automated Notifications

Short, simple SMS or Email notifications, supported globally. No matter where you are, get the notifications you need and nothing more.

strava pedal wrencher bicycle maintenance

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